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Our Benches

The bench is a piano accessory that should not be neglected, because good posture allows comfortable and optimal playing.

The benches that we offer are of Spanish manufacture in order to ensure quality production and to favor European know-how.

We offer different models of benches, here are the 3 most common.
You can also contact us for specific requests (double benches, ergonomic seats, etc.).

The Classic

from €150 incl. tax *
  • Adjustable in height by side wheels to turn
  • Rectangular shape
  • Stable seat
  • Choice of wood color (see finishes)
  • Seat upholstery of your choice (see upholsteries)
  • Choice of seat color (see color chart)


from €320 incl. tax *
  • Height adjustment by hydraulic levers
  • Rectangular shape
  • Very stable seat
  • Metal feet
  • Satin black finish
  • Seat upholstery of your choice (velvet, leatherette, microfiber)
  • Ergonomic seat (on order)
  • Option: large width 760 and 1110 mm

The Concert

from €450 incl. tax *
  • Adjustable in height by side wheels to turn
  • Rectangular shape
  • Very stable and comfortable padded leather seat
  • Adjustable feet
  • Concert mechanism with double arm under the seat
  • Possible options: hydraulic, double bench, different seats

Customize your bench

You have the option of matching your bench to your piano and/or your interior depending on the model.
Here is a wide choice of finishes concerning the wood, the covering of the seat:

Wood finish

Colors are available in gloss or matte.
The colors shown will not be exactly the same.


For some models, the seat can be in velvet, microfiber, imitation leather (skai) or leather.