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Tuning & Maintenance

The basis of the interview

The piano tuning

Without it even being used, a piano naturally goes out of tune with the sequence of seasons which leads to a variation in temperature and humidity in the room in which it is installed.

A tension of about 18 to 24 tons is exerted on the whole harmonic structure. This pressure only stabilizes if the instrument is tuned regularly.

We therefore advise you to tune your piano at least once a year.

Our tuning package extends over a radius of approximately 50 km around our workshop: Beauvais, Noailles, Méru, Cergy, Osny, Pontoise, Mantes-la-Jolie, Vernon, Gaillon, Les Andelys.

Take good care of your piano

Maintenance & cleaning

Apart from tuning, a piano needs different maintenance; these are done more punctually and more spread over time: cleaning, adjustment and harmonization.

These are of course operations that we can carry out at your place or in our workshop.

1. Cleaning

It is important to have the inside of your piano cleaned regularly because the dust that slips between the keys and elsewhere attracts spiders, moths and other insects that will nest in the felts.

Dust also retains moisture, which in the long term leads to oxidation of the strings and other metal parts of the piano.

2. Adjustment

It is a work on the keyboard and the mechanics which allows to have an optimal functioning of the piano. This mainly concerns touch: dressing the keyboard, eliminating games and parasitic noises and respecting the adjustment dimensions.

Properly adjusting your piano reduces wear on the upholstery (felt and leather).

3. Harmonization

This is an operation that is done as the pianist plays. It’s more about the sound. Felt hammers end up being marked and bunched up by the strings from being struck; the sound of the piano then becomes more and more slamming, metallic and clear.

To maintain an optimal sound, the harmonization consists in controlling and adjusting the density of the felts of hammers by the sanding the range and the stitching. This operation makes it possible to keep all the dynamics of the piano.