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Rental of study pianos

Renting a study piano, an ideal alternative for beginner pianists.

We must admit that the acquisition of a piano can be restrictive for certain families of beginners (budget, size).

This is why we offer rental for 40 or 60 € / month (depending on the piano) used study pianos completely overhauled in our workshop , which allows the student to be introduced to the instrument at lower cost.

This rental can be transformed into a purchase if you wish.

  • Contract without commitment of duration (termination of the contract without notice)
  • Deposit check not cashed
  • Rents by bank transfers
  • Participation in delivery (depending on distance and difficulty of access)
  • Discount on the purchase of a piano at the end of the rental (amount of the discount = 50% of the sums paid over a year)

For a rental of a study piano at 60 € / month with delivery at 200 €, you benefit from a discount of ((60 x 12 months) + 200) / 2 or 460 € on the purchase of a piano .