Concert Service

Event rental

For your concerts and events, we offer you a tailor-made rental service.

From the upright piano to the concert grand piano, we offer packages including delivery, installation of the piano, tuning and recovery. Each piano comes with a cover and a bench.

Depending on the specificity of the place, we are of course able to personalize our service.

Upright piano

Black lacquered

The top of the range upright pianos.
Easily adapts to all private music venues and events.

from *

450 € TTC

1/4 tail

Black lacquered

Standard grand piano, ideal for living room concerts. Equipped with an anti-reflective plate to be highlighted on stage by the lighting.
Long. 1.86m

from *

550 € TTC

1/2 tail

Black lacquered

Powerful and clear sound, suitable for small concert halls. Equipped with an anti-reflective plate to be highlighted on stage by the lighting.
Long. 2m

from *

650 € TTC

3/4 tail

Black lacquered

It is the depth, the power and the precision of the sound.
Perfect for large rooms.

Long. 2.27m

from *

800 € TTC

big gig

Black lacquered

The concert piano par excellence. An absolutely unique sound and touch that have earned him the esteem of the elite of international pianists.

Long. 2.75m

from *

€1,200 incl. tax

Historic Concert Piano

ERARD 1875
Varnished rosewood

Historic concert piano in varnished rosewood with its exceptional period sound.

Long. 2.50m

from *

€1,000 incl. tax

* The prices presented correspond to a ground floor delivery _ _ _ (without difficulty), more complicated access (stairs, upper stage, etc.) being done on estimate .

Your events and our pianos in pictures

Demande de devis

Vous organisez un évènement musical et vous souhaitez louer un de nos pianos ?

Les prix indiqués sur notre site comprennent la location de l’instrument pour 24 heures, le transport aller/retour (dans un rayon de 50 km), une livraison sans difficulté (pas d’escaliers, pas de scène haute, un accès direct…), un accord, une banquette et une housse de présentation.

Afin de répondre au mieux à votre besoin et d’établir un devis le plus précis possible, nous avons besoin de recueillir quelques informations :