Inauguration of the Chapelle Corneille in Rouen

22 March 2016

Within the framework of the Normandie Impressionniste festival, with the collaboration of the Maison Illuminée, our 1875 Erard opened several concerts in this magnificent chapel of the Lycée Corneille in Rouen, transformed into a concert hall.

Not only is the venue sublime, very well thought out for different forms of concerts (the round stage moves), but the acoustics are ideal for classical programming.

The originality of this place is the huge ball that is located above the stage. The control room can position it at any height and turn it around to work on the sound of the room. Its concave part reflects the echo, and its convex part concentrates the sound and becomes a light source.

Our Erard in the “choir” of the Chapelle Corneille in Rouen.
Admire this 19th century rosewood veneer.
The Erard, the Chapel, the acoustic ball: a place out of the ordinary.
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