“Put glitter on my frame…”

12 April 2020

Pleyel frame

The frame of a modern piano (20th and 21st century) is the element on which the strings are stretched and which allows to hold a huge tension (between 14 and 22 tons!).
This Pleyel frame is made of cast iron and needs to be restored after a century of good and loyal service.
This operation consists in removing the original gilding which is tarnished and can leave the raw cast iron.

We start by stripping the old gilding then we putty, sand and smooth the surface.

Next, a coat of primer is applied, followed by a coat of gilding. We also paint the surfaces of the hook points and the raised signatures in black.
The raw gilding gives the frame a very shiny look.
But to protect it, another step is necessary: the varnish. This one protects the gilding but attenuates a little the brilliant reflections.
And then it’s time to leave the workshop. Preparation of the frame for transport; careful packaging!
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