Alone in Royaumont Abbey…

5 August 2023

Behind the scenes at Royaumont Abbey

There are magical moments like this: being all alone in Royaumont Abbey!

We are often asked to tune or deliver our pianos to the Abbaye de Royaumont, and each time we are amazed by this majestic historic setting.

This time, we were lucky enough to be alone in the Abbey when we picked up the piano, and we wanted to share this exceptional site with you.

we take the path along a canal leading to the door of the former monks’ wing.

This“table of knowledge” is 17 m long, 35 cm thick and weighs around 7.5 tonnes.

It was carved from an amaranth tree, a so-called “dominant” tree.

The organ is impressive;

The floor is magnificent!

See you soon !

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