Pneumatic piano or automatic piano!

8 March 2021

These pianos are also known as Pianola , Push Up , or even Pianista , which are the American and French brands of these automatic pianos.

All our pneumatic pianos are in perfect working order. They have been restored and overhauled in our workshop. And here is our collection of automatic pianos:

All our automatic pianos work on the same principle: the motor is driven by the mechanical force of the pedals; which provides an air vacuum in the pipe and scrolls the perforated paper which is on a cylinder. The system is put in depression, the passage of a hole in the paper roll allows the air to enter through the flute of pan in the pipe of the note concerned and to raise the membrane, which in turn raises the valve . It is at this precise moment that the pipe connected to the engine opens, which creates the air vacuum in the bellows. This retracts and raises the bridge via the escapement arm, which activates the hammer to strike the string.

Let’s start with the first automatic piano model:

the Pianola Push-up or Pianista

This small piece of furniture is placed in front of the keyboard of an ordinary piano and its “fingers” in wood and felt press the keys of the keyboard thanks to the action of the pedals.

Air piano AERIOL 1

This is a 1917 Pianola Piano – The Aeolian Company


It’s a Pianola piano from 1908
The Aelian Company – New York


Pianola Piano from 1904

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