Portraits of piano artisans: Félicien

13 May 2021

We wanted to introduce you to the Dumas Piano team.
Portrait of 4 people with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: a passion for pianos!

Félicien, can you tell us about your background ?

I first passed a CAP in cabinetmaking, I continued and passed a BMA (Brevet des métiers d’art) in cabinetmaking. Then, I joined the Boulle school in Paris in furniture restoration where I obtained a DMA (Diploma of crafts). And then I did a3rd year, still at the Boulle school in marquetry.

– Why did you choose the world of wood?

I did my3rd grade internship with a carpenter and I wanted to be a carpenter. By enrolling in the CAP, I discovered the training of cabinetmaker and I finally preferred to learn woodworking than wood assembly. This allows me to work on more noble woods, I find that more interesting.

– How did you decide to become a piano tuner ?

During my3rd year at the Boulle school, I went to the Itemm (European Institute of Music Professions) out of curiosity and also because I am a pianist. Then, a little later, the chance made me meet Nicolas ; We discussed the job, it was well hung ; It was an opportunity. In the piano, I’m just as interested in the piece of furniture as in the instrument.

– What could you tell us about this job?

I like this job because the tasks are varied: we adjust, tune, we redo mechanics and of course we restore furniture. We work on all types of pianos.

– Felicien, what are your qualities?

I am a curious person, I know how to work wood, I have a solid foundation in furniture restoration and a certain dexterity. But above all, I am funny! ;-))

– Tell us a bit about your projects?

I would like to continue in BMA instrument invoice piano because it is more advanced. And then I would like to travel and finish my cabin in the woods!

Thank you Felicien!

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