Portraits of piano artisans: Jean-François

21 June 2021

We wanted to introduce you to the Dumas Piano team.
Portrait of 4 people with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: a passion for pianos!

– Jean-François, can you explain to us what you do and what you like about your job?

I have been with Dumas Piano for about a year as a piano repairer. What I like is discovering how things work, finding out how it works, finding solutions. With pianos, I like to analyze the instrument, to study the technical problem that I encounter. I love to make the missing pieces out of wood or metal. 

– You have a rather special background, can you tell us about it ?

I have always been trained with elders, recognized masters in their field. I worked in an automaton workshop, in a hunting horn workshop to learn to solder brass instruments, in a wind instrument workshop for restoration, in a watchmaking workshop for mechanical precision, in a mechanical music workshop. They are all passionate and it is contaminating. I also find this in Nicolas.

– Today are you the one transmitting?

I am still in a process of transmission. I like to learn by listening and seeing it done. The gesture your more than the words! I have as much pleasure in transmitting as in learning and I like to exchange technical points of view.

– How would you define yourself Jean-François?

I’m pretty straightforward; I am a reliable person, you can count on me. I like complicity, mutual aid, listening, the bond that we create. I also have a lot of patience, a great sense of observation and I am very meticulous.

– Do you have a favorite piano?

Yes of course, it’s the next one I’m going to save! 😉

A big thank you to our “Géo Trouvetou”!

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